57 #19

19] Eating An Apple; Slowly

A woman sat across from a talkative pair. Either to overhear or avoid disturbing them, she savored her apple quietly the duration of the conversation, each bite a soft and persistent hiss as the meat was torn from the core.


57 #18

18] Tall Man

I experienced a tall man walking into a donut shop.  The entire length of the sidewalk-at least for the duration I was watching-he had the neck of his shirt pulled up to the bridge of his nose, pressed firmly between his thumb and forefinger.  He kept this configuration intact which running the fabric of his shirt towards his brow and back down the cartilaginous length, never exposing his nostrils. The movements worked as though mechanically in step with his pace.  He entered the shop, never to be seen again.

57 #17

17] That’s Love

He, in blue jeans and a jersey, leans in close, staring intently at her lips. She, in pastel fleece, looks off into her own reflection in the window while he plucks a hair from under her nose.

57 #15

15] Makeup

I don’t understand how people can put on makeup in a moving vehicle.  Were I her, I would have perforated my eye like a cardboard coupon.